Start campaign “Alivio pa bo pòtmòni”

On November 16th 2012 the campaign "Alivio pa bo pòtmòni (relief for your wallet) starts on Bonaire. This campaign aims to raise awareness to people about their spending and to point out their own responsibility in dealing with their money. To help them do this 3 subprojects are implemented under the umbrella of the campaign.


Discount Promo supermarkets

The Fundashon Tienda pa Konsumidó has asked supermarkets to offer every week or month a number of products from the "basic basket" with discount. A number of supermarkets have responded positively. Their offers are brought to the attention of the consumers in ads and radio spots.

TV program Alivio pa bo pòtmòni

This is a social-educational television program by which the audience is playfully informed about the responsible use of their own budget. There are 10 television programs of 45 minutes that are broadcast on several television channels. On November 29th, 2012 there will be a festive premiere of this program for invitees.

Did you know…. Information on ABB

In the newspapers and on the radio information on the ABB will be given in the form of short "did you know that ads". In this way we want to clarify the rules regarding ABB to consumers, so that they can make sure they do not pay too much.


The government is concerned about the purchasing power and price developments on the islands. With the campaign "Alivio pa bo pòtmòni" ("Relief for your wallet") the government wants to make a positive contribution to society and wants to take its role therein. For instance by keeping consumers well informed and making them conscious of their own responsibility. But also by pointing out the entrepreneurs the responsibility they have towards their consumers. This campaign is a "pilot project" for three months on Bonaire. It is the intention to have a similar campaign in 2013 on Saba and St. Eustatius, in cooperation with local organizations. The ABB information component is the only part that starts at the same time on Saba and St. Eustatius.