PSS N.V. As Promised Launches It’s Christmas Parcel Special To The Netherlands

As promised PSS will be affording the students studying in the Netherlands a warm nice Christmas from home, through allowing family and friends the opportunity to send Christmas goodies to the Netherlands, the opportunity to do so from the 15 November up to 18 December 2012. Persons are allowed to send packages to the Netherlands weighing per package no more than 30 kilograms. Each package can be up dropped off, and there is no limit to the amount of packages a person can send their love one or friend in the Netherlands. PSS asks one and all to come and make use of this special and allow our love ones a St. Maarten style Christmas. Packages can be dropped off at either of our two Post office branches, with the main branch in Philipsburg or Simpson Bay (across from Banco di Caribe). PSS, the only local post office, is here to serve and look forward to making this one a greater success.


All packages brought to the Post Office will be held and shipped out on the following two dates, the first being on the Tuesday, 11 December and the second on Friday 21 December 2012. Those who would like to have their love ones receive their packages before Christmas; need to bring their package(s) in no later than Thursday 6 December to the Post Office. The last day to bring packages to the Post Office will be 18 December, which will ship out on the 21 December 2012. When dropping off your package(s) please ask for the Christmas Parcel Special.

Mr. Richardson and his PSS team is hoping with this Christmas special to afford families, friends and anyone here the opportunity of sending their children and loved ones abroad a well-deserved Christmas package at a very low affordable price during the ongoing economic hard times. The PSS team hereby wishes all season greetings and a brighter 2013.
The rates to ship out a package starts as low as ANG 89, for the first ten (10) Kilograms and goes up to a maximum of ANG 190 for a package weighing thirty (30) kilograms. For more information please contact your local post office at Tel. 542-2289 ext. 100 or 545 3782 or by e-mail: in**@ps***.com.

PSS and team are here to serve and is working on improving our services offered, while offering you our valued customers and parents a very competitive and low charge product to the Netherlands!