Extension For BTA Applicants Solely Related to Registration at Civil Registry

The Prime Minister yesterday further clarified the reprieve granted regarding the registration for the renewal of BTA permits. The PM explained that the extension is only related to the applicants’ registering at the Census Office, for which they need to have the proper documentation including their Birth Certificates.


"BTA permit holders need to get themselves duly registered at the Census office, but need to provide documentation to do so. For some this poses a problem. So what will happen now after we explored the various options is that applicants will be registered at the Census Office for a limited, six month period and receive a limited ID card, during which time they can obtain and submit their legalized birth certificate," explained the Prime Minister. The PM emphasized that the deadline for application for the renewal of the BTA Permits remains the 30th of November.

The Prime Minister is urging all applicants to take the necessary steps in order to get their documentation in order. "We have done our part and now it is up to the applicants to ensure that all of their documentation is in order. I encourage all applicants to not put off submitting their documents and to engage in the process as soon as they can. They must also keep in mind that if the documents are not returned within the six month period the applicants will be unfortunately removed from the Civil Registry," concluded the Prime Minister.