Ombudsman Appointed As A Regional Director Of Latin American & Caribbean Region

The Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, Dr. Nilda Arduin has been appointed as one of the Regional Directors of the Latin American and the Caribbean Region of the International Ombudsman Institute at the World Conference now being held in Wellington New Zealand.


The Ombudsman left the island on Saturday to attend the 10th World Conference of the International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.)in Wellington New Zealand. The event will provide Ombudsmen from around the world with the opportunity to meet, share their experiences and engage in fruitful debate and discussions. The International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.) was established in 1978 as an independent global organization with a membership of approximately 145 ombudsman institutions from around the world. This organization handles complaints from the public about the public administration and human rights violations. Sint Maarten became a member of the I.O.I in November 2011.

One of the main events of the conference is the appointment of the Regional Directors. The International Ombudsman Institute is organized in regional chapters namely,

· Africa;

· Asia;

· Australia and Pacific;

· Caribbean and Latin America;

· Europe;

· North America.

The term of a Director shall not exceed four years but a Director may be reappointed or re-elected in accordance with the rules adopted by the region electing the particular Director.

The staff of the Bureau Ombudsman Sint Maarten congratulates Dr. Nilda Arduin on her appointment.