Chamber Of Commerce To Hold Election

The election committee of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce met on Friday last to discuss the upcoming Chamber election.


Three positions on the Board will become vacant as of January 1st 2013 and these positions will be filled by three (3) candidates chosen in the upcoming Election.

Nomination period for the filling of these positions shall be from

November 14th to November 27th 2012.

The Chamber would like to remind the business community on St. Maarten, that nomination forms are available from November 14th 2012. These forms must be submitted to the Chamber no later than Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:00p.m.

The Electorate

Voters for Large Businesses are those entitled to vote, whose names appear in the Commercial Register as involved in an established company whose minimum capital investment is one hundred thousand guilders (Fls.100,000.00). Voters with less than one hundred thousand guilders capital investment are classified as Small Businesses.


Entitled To Vote Are:

Residents (those registered with the Registry Office);

of Dutch citizenship/nationality;

Who for one year, immediately preceding the making up of the Register of Voters, appear in the Commercial Register of the Chamber as:

Owner, partner, manager, deputy manager, managing director, supervisory director, general attorney or proxy holders (with no limitations).



Excluded From Voting Are:

Prisoners, persons put in a ward because of insanity, persons adjudged bankrupt, etc.


Eligible are those who meet the following requirements:

Residents for the last two years;

Dutch citizenship;

Minimum of 25 years of age per 15 August 2012;

No incompatibilities (more persons in the same business);

Not excluded from eligibility (see entitled to vote).

Duration of Membership

A term of office lasts three years. Each year, one third of the membership steps down by rotation. Temporary vacancies: also stepping down by rotation.

Voluntary resignation.

Dismissal by law.


We want to advise all businesses who want to take part in the Election to first settle their outstanding bills at The Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Mr. A. Bute