Traffic measures in connection with pre- St. Martin’s Day Jump-up

The "Hartatak Foundation" has been granted a permit to have pre-Sint Maarten’s Day jump-up on Saturday November 10th 2012 starting 10.00 p.m. on the Long wall road. The parade will then take the following route: Kerkhof Steeg- Front Street – Emmaplein – Welvaart Brug – W.G. Buncamper Road – Freedom round-a-bout – W.J.A. Nisbeth Road – Salt Pickers Round-a-bout – Soualiga Road and ends in front of the Festival Village.

In connection with this parade the police department is informing the general public and in particular those persons living or temporarily staying on Front Street that the following traffic measures will be taken:

As of 08.00 p.m. all alleys leading from Back Street to Front Street including Front Street from Town Houses to Emmaplein will be close for vehicular traffic.

As of 09.00 p.m. Long wall road at the Prins Bernard Brug and W. Long wall road at the Prins Bernard Brug and W. Percy Labega Street. Little bay road/ Fort Willem road and Back Street / Kerkhofstraat.

As of 11.00 p.m. Voges Street in the vicinity of Emma Plein.

As of 12.00 midnight. Buncamper road in the vicinity of Emma Plein to the Freemdom Fighters round-a-bout / Sucker garden road/ Nisbeth road/ Saltpickers round-a-bout/ Soualiga Blv. to Rocksalt drive.

After the parade has passed all streets and alleys that have been closed for this purpose they will be re-opened for all traffic. Al residents living on the Front Street should take keen notice of this message and take all precautions to avoid any inconveniences and to have their vehicle parked safely elsewhere until the parade has passed