Prime Minister Outlines Good Employer Practices for Government

As Country St. Maarten’s biggest employer the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams has placed considerable focus on ensuring that Government is using good employment practices in dealing with Civil Servants.


"With respect to the various projects being conducted by Government for Civil Servants, I want to place the focus both on government as an employer and applying good employment practices as a model for other businesses to follow. Many people in the community have been following the U2 Can Move campaign that is such a project, ensuring the Civil Servants have a healthy lifestyle. We often talk about the civil service but we should also focus on Government as a caring employer as well. So, we will use this as a recurring theme in the future: ‘What are WE doing for our workers?’" emphasized the Prime Minister.

The various employee projects which Government as the largest employer on St. Maarten will focus on are; time off for civil servants to spend time with their children in the school or on an educational project; extending maternity leave; and extending the option to apply in connection with the impending increase in the pension age. More information on these and various other projects will be made available as they are launched.