Eight Health Inspectors Receive Badge as Extraordinary Police

Eight Inspectors from the Inspectorate of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (Inspectorate VSA) received their badge as "extraordinary police" (BAVPOL).


On October 2010 the end of the Netherlands Antilles became a fact. The "new country" Sint Maarten took up the responsibility for its legislation and enforcement of the law. To be able to do this Sint Maarten had to establish its own supervision and enforcement institutions in several areas. These include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food safety, daycare centers, labor and labor safety and environmental hygiene. The Inspectorate VSA is headed by the Inspector General Dr. Best. The Inspectorate is authorized to demand all information necessary, to demand inspection of books, documents, records and authorized to copy those or temporary take them along. The Inspectorate is authorized to enter any place, if needed with the help of the police. Private homes are an exception, permission must be granted by the tenant. To accomplish its task, the Inspectorate has several means to enforce the law, a simple warning, confiscation, a fine or closure. If necessary a case can be handed over to the public prosecutor’s office or a disciplinary juridical entity.