Does every project have to cost $100,000,000

As a Member of Parliament, I’m often amazed at what we get handed to deal with in Parliament. The priorities of the current Ministries sometimes amaze me. The Airport cost $100 Million, but it can pay for itself by generating income averaging $400,000+ departure fee paying by passengers annually.


The public gets to fly out of a state of the art modern Airport. The Harbor cost $300Million overall but it can pay for itself by generating its own revenue, as we have averaged over 1.5 Million Cruise visitors annually over the last few years. Needless to say I’m amazed that a new "Justice Park" will also costs $100Million, but it will not generate its own revenue. It will be paid for on the backs of the poor people who will have a mortgage for 30 years to house mostly criminals. So society has to pay that ridiculous amount to lockup the people who have caused the most problems in our society.

So why not have a $200Million Hospital, we need one with MRI machines and state of the art equipment to save lives. I’m just saying since we are creating $100Million projects, why not start with the needs of the people who need it the most, the sick, the dis-abled in this community will have better service because the dedicated professionals in the medical field will have the tools and the facility we need to best do the job possible for our sick residents.

I guess as a doctor, serving this community is my priorities, and I see things differently. I see us having a need and I feel that we are making it more and more difficult by having the wrong priorities. I’m not saying we don’t need to have an expanded Prison system. As criminal activities have grown by leaps and bounds. But let’s do the math what will the community get in return for housing criminals to the tune of $100,000,000. You guessed it the bill to pay for it.

Hon. Dr. Ruth Douglass

United Peoples (UP) Party Parliamentarian

Wednesday, November 07, 2012