Bus Inspection calls for suspension of school bus driver until judicial investigation completed

The School Bus Inspection Section says the alleged incident on a bus as noted in a media report on Tuesday is totally unacceptable.

The department was not informed formally by the parent in question whose seven-year-old son was allegedly struck by a bus driver.


Based on information received the department has contacted the owner of the school bus in question, and has requested that the driver of the bus be suspended until the relevant investigation by judicial authorities has been completed.

The current investigation is a criminal one because the incident is an act of child abuse.

The Inspection Department says the investigation will present both sides of the story after receiving information from the bus driver, the parent of the victim and witnesses.

Head of the Inspection Department Martha Thewet says that school bus drivers are providing a service on behalf of government, and they are expected to perform to their best ability while carrying out this service.

School bus drivers must report incidents that occur on or near the bus, and also to the respective school that the child attends.

Thewet added that behavior starts at home and not on a school bus. "There have been incidents in the past due to the behavior of the child and we have appealed to parents to speak with their children about their behavior.

"I once again appeal to parents to talk to their kids. Everyone has their responsibility to play in a society. It takes a village to raise a child, and when all stakeholders come together to address issues of concern, we are then able to overcome the challenges," Thewet said on Tuesday.

The Inspection Department’s mission is to provide safe, reliable and comfortable transportation for the school children of the country.

Persons with complaints can do so in writing by sending a letter to the School Bus Inspection Department. This letter needs to be booked in at the Government Administration Building. You can also send an email to in*********@si************.org