Minister Jacobs addresses St. Maarten Academy Class of 2013

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports Hon. Silveria Jacobs, addressed the St. Maarten Academy Class of 2013, on Friday November 2nd, in a session at the Carl and Sons Conference Room.


The eager and attentive students were encouraged to surround themselves with positive people who would help to build them up. Form Five students were told to Dream Big, Plan meticulously and Act diligently on their plans.

Students were urged to believe in themselves and their responsibility for their success by "Evaluating every step of the way and re-adjusting your plan if necessary while always believing in yourself."

In her inspirational message Minister Jacobs reminded the Form Five students that they should find time for fun and do the things they loved each day so as to enjoy the process towards achieving their goals.

In closing students were advised to take heed and to expect and accept the pitfalls, and to use them as lessons to become even stronger.

"When you fall down, get up, dust off and figure out what went wrong. Then make sure to take the steps to never repeat that same mistake again."