Appointment New BTP Director Mr. Anthony Carty

On November 1st 2012 Mr. Anthony Carty started as the new Director of Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten (BTP-SXM), the independent regulatory authority for the Telecommunications and Post industry.


BTP-SXM is responsible for the maintenance of a competitive environment in St. Maarten whereby Mr. Carty, as the new Director, is now tasked to develop policies for the telecommunication and post industry to safeguard competition, to encourage innovation and investments, to guard the interests of subscribers and to ensure the availability of advanced and high quality communication technology services in St. Maarten.

Mr. Carty has over 20 years experience in the Telecommunication industry. In his previous capacity as Senior Manager within Telem Group of Companies, Mr. Carty was responsible for all aspects in the day to day management of staff and developing business strategies. 

It’s assured that his leadership competencies and decades of experience in the Telecommunication Industry will help him to succeed in his position as the new Director of Bureau Telecommunication and Post St. Maarten.