Start air bus Bonaire –Colombia for MRI scans

In close cooperation between Fundashion Mariadal and the Health Insurance Office (ZVK) a solution has been found for the waiting list for MRI’s for Bonairian patients. This waiting list was created because the MRI on Curacao is showing defects for some time now. ZVK and Fundashion Mariadal are therefore working closely together and will shortly organize an air bus from Bonaire to Bucaramanga (Colombia) to allow the MRI’s to be made there. The organisation of this air transport and in Bucaramanga from the airport to the hospital and the hotel is in the hands of Coomeva, who deals with this professionally. They have also organized the examinations with the hospital where the patients are brought to, the Clinica Foscal. Two MRI machines are available there, so that the time of waiting for the patients will be limited.


The exact date is not known as yet; however the air bus will start within very short. Therefore, groups from Bonaire will depart directly with special chartered airplanes. There will be no need for stop overs.

The composition of the groups is now being looked at. Each patient who already has a referral will be approached personally by workers of the ZVK. The patient will then receive the exact travel date and time and additional appointments will be made concerning the details of the trip. Patients therefore are not required to come forward. It is necessary that they (and their companion if applicable) have a valid passport

With this air bus transport from home to the airport will also be arranged. Patients have a right to the normal daily allowance. In case normally speaking you are entitled to an accompany, then this is now also the case. Because the return flight is not possible on the same day, an overnight in hotel will be arranged. This also is included in the allowance of the ZVK.