Hublot To Help Nature Foundation Replant Corals In St.Maarten Seas

Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot came to St. Maarten for the first time to launch this watch as this is a special event. One of the Limited Edition St. Maarten watches (retail value of $22, 900) is being donated by Hublot and the proceeds will go to St. Maarten’s Nature Foundation in order to create coral nurseries. Over the last decade, 80% of the coral surrounding our island has been destroyed. These funds will be given to the Nature Foundation in order to re-cultivate the coral around our island thereby enriching the underwater flora, fauna and sea life.


Hublot (a prestigious international watch company) first time ever creates a special limited edition St. Maarten Divers piece and donates the piece with a retail value of $22,900 US dollars to the Nature Foundation of St. Maarten. Hublot working with boutique owner, Hiro Alwani and his family, join forces with Brenda Wathey of Artemia and Chef Dino Jagtiani of Temptation/Rare Restaurants in his venture. Special thanks to George Greaux of Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco for their contribution of Moet et Chandon.


St. Maarten will be recognized through the Hublot website as CEO Ricardo Guadalupe’s presence ascertains all videos and pictures will be publicized on their website. This event will be publicized on the Hublot Website Internationally along with Hussain Bolt, Ferrari, Formula 1, FIFA, Manchester United, to name but a few. Hublot is the official sponsor of the next World Cup, Miami Heat etc.

Hublot International reaches out to Hublot Boutique St. Maarten (one of its 5 boutiques in the Caribbean). Hublot Boutique St. Maarten is the 2nd boutique in the western hemisphere and the first boutique to be chosen to spearhead for awareness of the restoration of coral.

Hublot Boutique St. Maarten reaches out and joins forces with Artemia’s Brenda Wathey and Temptation/Rare’s Chef and Owner Dino Jagtiani to host an event to launch the Hublot Oceanographic 4000 Caribbean St.Maarten Edition. This watch is being fully donated by Hublot International in conjuction with Hiro Alwani and Family.

Sanjay Alwani after being contacted by Hublot, used his personal relation with Tadzio of the Nature Foundation who at the same time was in contact with the Coral Foundation for this project and was looking for funding. Now Nature Foundation can start the project. The money which could be raised by this Silent Auction could ensure over 10 years of consistent coral growth.

Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

Nature Foundation’s Tadzio Bervoets

Prime MInister Sarah Wescott-Williams