St. Maarten Academy PSVE School graduates 99 students;

Minister Jacobs tells graduates the country needs them to develop further

On Saturday evening the Honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Silveria Jacobs attended the graduation ceremony of the St. Maarten Academy PSVE School where a total of 99 students graduated.


The theme of the graduation was ‘The past your heritage, the present your responsibility and the future your challenge’. During her speech, Minister Jacobs stressed on the importance of furthering your education and congratulated those graduates who had already enrolled in the academic division of the St. Maarten Academy institution and encouraged the others who had not done so to enroll in any of the subsequent studies currently available to students on the island.

During her address to the gathering, Minister Jacobs mentioned that she was extra proud to be present at the graduation as she able to witness several of her former students graduate. The minister further told the graduates that the country was not only in dire need of doctors and lawyers, but also needed professionals of non-academic professions to help assist with further developing the country.

The minister also took time out to congratulate the many parents who were present to witness their child(ren) graduate. The minister told the parents that the mere fact that their children had made it this far in their education career clearly showed that they, the parents, had been committed to their child’s education and made the necessary sacrifices as parents in order for their children to be successful.