SMUMF Cannot Support TEMPO Celebrations

When the Saint Martin United Ministerial Foundation (SMUMF)was introduced to the concep of TEMPO, Board saw it as an ideal opportunity to reach the masses for Christ since it is the Church’s mandate to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. However, the Church’s message has to be a consistent one to our youth as well as to the general public. TEMPO TURN 7 is being promoted as a total package with one night devoted to a religious celebration. SMUMF has no direct influence over the content and qualrty of the entertainment or the artistes during the other trightr and as such is unable to give its blessing to TEMPO’s anniversary program. SMUMF believes in using the media to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel message, in whatever form however, must not be mixed with aspects of entertainment that go against biblical principles.

On behalf of the Board,

Pastor Wycliffe Smith