Prime Minister Receives Presentation by Ministry VROMI on Zoning Plans/ Town Hall Meetings

During an informative session for Ministers on the zoning and development plans held late last week, The Ministry of VROMI represented by Acting Secretary General Mr. Louis Brown; Process manager Zoning Mr. Gerard Willemsen; Policy Advisor Mr. Thijs Sommers; and Public Relations Officer Tatiana Arrindell, provided a presentation on the outcome of the various public hall meetings that were held in the areas of Simpson Bay, Cole Bay / Cay Bay, Cul-de-Sac and Cay Hill / Little Bay. The Prime Minister, who chaired the meeting, was accompanied by Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport affairs Silveria Jacobs.


Acting Secretary General Mr. Louis Brown explained the process to be followed in developing the zoning plans, which will eventually result in a total of 13 plans for the island. After two town hall meetings, a public hearing, and a public review, the zoning plans will be presented to the Council of Ministers before their approval as National Ordinances by Parliament. The zoning plans will provide a better legal basis to steer the spatial development of St. Maarten and will result in a map with elements such as ‘what is allowed where’, regulations and elucidations on ‘what, why and how’. Based on the 6 themes: traffic, tourism, industry, residential, nature, and cultural heritage and archaeology, Mr. Brown provided information on the present situation, the existing problems in the areas of spatial development and zoning and possible suggestions for solutions. The Prime Minister was given an abstract as every development plan has a complete presentation of its own. The importance of the consultation with the public was stressed as the feedback is used to have the respective decision makers make informed decisions.