Music, Dance, and Living room Opens In MHF

On October 22, 2012 the Mental Health Foundation inaugurated the Music, Dance room and Living room. It had remained empty for so long because there was a ground water problem once that problem was solved by ‘Alpha construction’ who managed to seal the leaks, funding to finalize it became a problem.


The room is located right between the Faraja center (The Day Care) and Admission.

Faraja needed the room during the day as a stimulus free environment for clients who function better without noise from the busy center.

Admissions needed space for the patients to watch TV in the evening, read and relax.

The Social Psychiatric Nurse Kirsten Bouw on admission and the Psychologist Ilona Moerland approached Nico Boersma from ‘Kooyman’ to sponsor the fixing of the room. ‘Kooyman’ donated the wood for the building of the benches and June Peters of ‘Upholstery World’ donated the material for the cushions and curtains.

The Counseling Room

With the materials donated the foundation was also able to add a small counseling room to the admissions office. Furthermore the Living room will be used in accordance to the schedule activities that is made and adjusted accordingly, on a monthly basis.

Facilitating psychiatric care in and existing building was not an easy task, certainly with the limited available budget, thanks to the support of so many the building is now equipped to serve the community and provide quality psychiatric care.

The Staff of the Mental Health Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude to the Nico Boersma of ‘Kooyman’ and June Peters of ‘Upholstery’ world for their generous donations. Benjamin Jones of the Faraja Center thanked the sponsors with candles made by the clients.