New Board Of General Audit Chamber Takes Oath

The Governor, His Excellency E. B. Holiday administered the oath of office to the members of the new board of the General Audit Chamber, on Wednesday morning October 25th during a brief ceremony at the Cabinet of the Governor.


During the ceremony Governor Holiday underscored the importance of checks and balances in our parliamentary democracy and in that regard emphasized the role of the General Audit Chamber in fostering compliance with the principles of good governance through audits on the legality and effectiveness of government in the execution of responsibilities.

The members of the board are Mr. Ronald Halman, Mr. Mark Kortenoever and Mr. Alphons Gumbs. Also taking the oath of office were deputy members Mr. Daniel Hassell and Mr. Hyden Gittens. Mr. Ronald Halman will serve as chairman of the board.

The term of office for the new board members is seven (7) years.