Art Lovers to hold its first exhibition of season on Wednesday

Art Lovers Association will get the high season rolling with its first exhibition on Wednesday, October 24 at its Porto Cupecoy exhibition space starting at 6:30pm. Some 23 artists, sculptors and ceramic makers will displace their latest island and contemporary inspired works.


The exhibition offer a chance for attendees with meet and converse with many of the artists about their work, inspirations and how St. Maarten/St. Martin impacts their creativity.

Artists whose work will be on display are Antoine Chapon, Bastien, Catherine Minguet, Claudine Gallet,

Debbie Curwen, Dimitrios, Françis Eck, Gaël Le Mouëllic, Gersha Hendrickson, Gingerbread Gallery, Jean-Pierre Straub, Jill and K.Ro.

Works from Marie Moine, Milan Mahtani, Mounette Radot, Nathalie Lepine, Norma Trimborn, Patrizia, Patty Meotti, Paul Elliott Thuleau, Roland Richardson, Silvia Kahn and Tumay Yalcin are also part of the array of paintings in the Porto Cupecoy space.

Art Lovers invites art enthusiasts, collectors and the public in general to this colourful and creative event.

For more information, call Norma Trimborn on522-7524.