Symposium High Councils of State 2012

The High Councils of State are finalizing preparations for their second annual Symposium. The Ombudsman, Council of Advice and General Audit Chamber are the organizers of the annual event. This year’s theme is "Thoughts on Good Governance".


Professor Jaime Saleh, Minister of State and former Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, will provide the keynote address on the theme as it relates to the High Councils of State.

The organizers have sent out invitations to guests including members of Parliament, Ministers, Secretary Generals, Heads of Department & Section Heads, directors of government owned companies, government affiliated entities and other stakeholders in the community, as well as invitees from abroad.

The Ombudsman, Council of Advice and General Audit Chamber are supervisory and advisory entities that were established as part of the new government structure of Country Sint Maarten. The entities have chosen to work together on this annual event based on a shared objective to broaden knowledge and awareness of the role and functioning of these institutions.

Following the positive reception received from participants of the first symposium in 2011, the institutions agreed to work on a second installment of the event.

In 2011 the theme for the Symposium was "Checks and Balances in a Democracy and the Role of High Councils of State."

As was the case during that first event, the organizers will invite guests to directly interact with a panel comprised of the keynote speaker, the Ombudsman, the vice-chair of the Council of Advice and the Chairperson of the General Audit Chamber.

Approximately 250 persons have been invited and invitees are encouraged to make use of a unique opportunity to be informed by a renowned speaker regarding this year’s theme, and participate in a direct discussion with above mentioned panel