Showcasing Employment In The Department Of The Section Labor Market – Labor Affairs

The Labor Affairs Department has developed considerably over the last few years. The Department is managing to harmonize the intricacies of the various services with the acquisition of additional qualified and knowledgeable staff, a much needed facelift, implementation of technological applications, and improved customer service.


In 2012, the agency has embarked on a new initiative to showcase some of the successful placement achievements within Section Labor Market. The section is tasked with supporting persons in finding employment and assisting employers in finding qualified workers. In a very competitive market, the section hopes to promote employment by encouraging companies to partner with the Department, and (un)employed persons to register to tap into the services the department offers.

There are three key components to accomplish successful placement; a very dedicated Job Placement Officer, an unemployed person and a business willing to partner and invest. Without these three components the agency would struggle to meet the demands of an ever changing labor market.

While the agency experiences a decline in submitted vacancies during the low season, September is to be considered a rewarding month with multiple placement attainments. One such example is the referral of Diana Joseph to the University of Sint Maarten (USM). The Foundation for higher learning submitted a vacancy in the month of June seeking to fill the position of Senior Accounting Clerk.

Having just returned from the United States a few months ago Diana Joseph was eager to find employment in the field of Pastry Baking. Various sources indicated that the Labor Affairs Department would be a good place to start searching. The Job Placement Officer assessed and determined that the candidate met the requirements of the submitted vacancy considering her background in Business Administration, specifically Public Accounting. The newly registered applicant indicated that the service received was efficient and resulted in an opportunity at USM, for which she is very happy. Diana Joseph, who is very vocal and an eclectic person, indicated that she is still very much passionate about pursuing a future in pastry baking.

In this field, the significance of one good placement can have a lasting effect to further solidify a relationship with business partners. USM has since indicated their willingness to work with the Labor Affairs Department to source applicants when needed. As a local institution with various ongoing organizational changes the University hopes in the future to develop Human Resource Policies in order to offer sustainable employment, including the newly employed Diana Joseph. The spokesperson for the University, Mrs. Valda Woodley-Hazel indicated that as an institution the University believes in adjusting requirements on paper if it means investing in the development and future of a suitable candidate.

All persons when asked what recommendations they would give to persons seeking employment highlighted very similar suggestions. Diana Joseph encourages persons to be more pro-active, follow-up, be open to improving skills, work on drafting a perfect resume and own your own future by acknowledging the importance of Education.

Valda Woodley-Hazel who herself has trained and worked in this area in the past suggests that persons may want to leave their comfort zone, pay less attention to every detail of the requirements, research the company and finally she stressed that without a doubt appearance and attitude are crucial.

If you have any questions about employment and employment opportunities locally please feel free to contact the Labor Affairs Agency by calling 542-3561/543-7509 or emailing us at La***********@si************.org