Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Affairs Presents Teachers Appreciation Month Schedule

Thursday October 18th 2012 ◦ Panel Discussion on Education ◦ 7pm to 8.30pm ◦ C.W. Legislative Hall

Representatives from all levels of Education will be discussing the Current status of the Teaching profession. Discussion Topic: What prevents qualified people from considering teaching? How can these obstacles be overcome?


Saturday October 27th 2012 ◦ Teachers Family Fun Day and Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony◦ 10am – 4pm ◦ Emilio Wilson Park

Come to enjoy the day with co-workers and family in a relaxed atmosphere. Activities will be organized for the children as well as teachers. Performances by children and members of the community will take place. A teachers’ sports day will be organized. Food and drink will be provided. Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports will reveal the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Education.

Wednesday October 31st 2012 ◦ Official Launch of Ministry Newsletter ◦ Ministry Education, Culture, Youth & Sport.

An internet newsletter will be launched and distributed via email to all teachers and education personnel. The newsletter will contain up to date information on all matters related to the Minister and the Ministry of Education , Culture, Youth and Sports. The findings of the Teachers Summit will be present.

Throughout the Month of October

o Letters, poems and words of appreciation and encouragement for teachers will be featured in The Daily Herald News Paper.

o The Kids Herald for the month will also be featuring children and their poems honoring teachers.

o Teachers will be doing the devotions and scriptures on A Moment with the Master Radio Program

o Teachers will be featured on Radio and TV talk shows.

Beverly Hyman will interview male teachers and ask them for their opinion on male and the teaching profession

o Teacher Appreciation Exhibition will be on display at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library

· A display of poems, letters and tokens of appreciation by students will be on display at the Philipsburg Library throughout the month of October

· Children will also have the opportunity to make cards for their teachers at the library

o Movies on exceptional teachers will be shown to students on Tuesday afternoons 5:30pm – 7: 15pm at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library