Information evening about Aruban War Hero Boy Ecury

Thursday October 18th the Library organizes an information evening about the Aruban resistance fighter Boy Ecury. Mr. Ronny Alders, from the Biblioteca Nacional Aruba (National Library of Aruba) will give an introduction about the live of Boy Ecury and a documentary about the war hero will be shown.


Segundo Jorge Adelberto Ecury better known as ‘ Boy" Ecury ( 1922 – 1944) was a student in the Netherland and witnessed first hand the Nazi invasion in 1940 as well as the destruction of Rotterdam. Together with his friend Luis de Lannoy Boy joined the underground resistance in Tilburg. The group carried out sabotage operations, planting bombs on German trucks and roads. Members of the underground movements also went out of their way to help injured allied troops and civilians who needed help. On 5 November 1944, Boy, was arrested and taken to the Scheveningen prison. Boy was interrogated and tortured but refused to betray his friends. On the following day he was executed by a German firing squad. He was 22 years old. His father brought his son’s body back from the Netherlands and in 1947 he was given a funeral with military honors

The general public is invited to attend this informational event. Date : Thursday October 18 at 6.00 pm and the entrance is free of charge