PJIAE Sporting Club: A successful year of games

The Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) Sporting Club has recorded a successful year of activities, rebounding after a two-year hiatus.


In its latest accomplishment, the club pulled off a six-night Business Basketball Knockout with 10 teams from various businesses – further cementing its relationship with the community. NAGICO emerged champs of the September 24 – 29 tournament, while Halley Aviations and the government Fire Department secured second and third places, respectively.

President of PJIAE Sporting Club, Evans J. Marsham said he feels "very happy because all the activities done to date have been very successful." The feedback from the community and the various companies were positive, Marsham said.

The club’s Vice President Emile Levons explained that they felt the need to do something connected with the airport that involved interaction with each other outside of work.

"As for the events, they were successful. The turnout from the airport population and public was good so far and they are encouraging us to do more," Levons said.

The LB Scot Sports Auditorium was full almost every night during the hoops tournament. The other activities hosted this year by the PJIAE Sporting Club were an early morning walkathon on September 1, from the St. Maarten port in Pointe Blanche to PJIA; and a Softball Knockout in July.

The upcoming Airport Slam Games, from October 25 – 28, will close off the club’s activities for the year. According to Marsham, participation for these games, which will be held at the Great Bay Sports Auditorium and Jose Lake Ballpark, is expected from all of the territories of the former Netherlands Antilles. To date, Aruba and Curacao have confirmed their participation. These games take place every year on a different island. The club is currently awaiting confirmation from "the BES islands" (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba).

"We try to invite at least thirty people from each" participating island, "but we told the BES islands that even if they can send five or six people, that would be fine," Marsham stated.

He explained that it was because PJIAE Sporting Club knew it would be hosting the Airport Slam Games that the club was revived. The club was dormant during 2010-2011 after a very active 2009.

"The Airport Slam will be the last public event for the year because in November and December the airport has many activities."

The games during the meet are volleyball, indoor soccer, softball, and dominoes. According to Marsham, all the activities this year have fostered better camaraderie among staffers of PJIAE and the business community.

"The government Fire Department and Airport players are like brothers, and it is the same now with NAGICO and GEBE, because we meet at these games and interact."

He said as such, the club has met its objective of "promoting and enlarging the practice of sports and recreation as well as for cultural and social unity among the business community of St. Maarten and the airport in general."

PJIAE Sporting Club was established in 1999. The members of the board include Erica Emer-Lake (Secretary), Zahaira Richardson (Acting Secretary), Rene Guishard (Treasurer), and Carlos Illis and Sylvina Skeete (members).