Airlines happy new rates at SXM don’t include additional fees for them

The airlines servicing the destination all expressed satisfaction that the new rates scheduled to go into effect next month at the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) will not affect SXM’s competitive position, nor the airlines’ load factors. (SXM is the international designator code for PJIA.)


The airlines were once more briefed at the recently-concluded World Routes conference held in Abu Dhabi.

According to Managing Director of the Princess Juliana International Airport operating company (PJIAE), Regina LaBega, the airlines were all "appreciative of the information, very impressed with the future plans of the airport, and happy that there weren’t any increases in airline fees" included in the new rates.

The airlines and all other stakeholders had already been informed about the amended rates during facilitation meetings held previously at the St. Maarten airport.

Similarly, the airlines in particular, had also been informed by IATA of the changes to the rates. The World Routes conference, however, offered another unique opportunity to speak directly with the Planning Directors, who actually determine the profitability of routes.

"It was just another opportunity to ensure that all the airlines are informed about the new rates," LaBega stressed.

The St. Maarten delegation that participated in the conference included officials of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications, the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, and management of PJIAE.