Man shot during discussion

On Wednesday October 10th at approximately 08.30 p.m. a phone call came into the Central Police Dispatch informing them of a shooting incident on Pond Island in the vicinity of Rock salt drive.


Immediately several police patrols and detectives were sent to investigate what was going on. On their way to the scene the Central Police Dispatch informed the investigating officers that the victim had already been transported by private vehicle to the Sint Maarten Medical Center. The victim with the initials S.R.D. from Jamaica stated to detectives, while at the hospital, that he was in an argument with the suspect which became quite heated. At a certain moment the suspect pulled a handgun and fired a shot at him, hitting him in his groin-area. After committing this act the suspect left the scene. The victim was treated at the hospital however he remained for observation and further treatment.

The suspect with initials S.B.L. from Curacao was arrested on Thursday afternoon by detectives and he remains in custody for further investigation.