SCDF mourns loss of former president Karl “Tallboy” Arndell

President of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) Mike Granger said the foundation is deeply saddened by the passing of its former president Karl "Tallboy" Arndell on Wednesday. "He was so close to many us," Granger said, adding that Arndell was a dedicated adviser to the SCDF.


"He never wanted to get back into Carnival, but always said the door was open should we ever need advice on anything. Over the years successive presidents has called on Tallboy, myself included, for advice and to simply pick his brain about Carnival and culture. Our foundation extends deepest sympathies to his family. He will be greatly missed," Granger said.

After experiencing financial difficulties in 1983, it was doubtful weather Carnival would be celebrated the following year. Arndell, who was president at the time, contacted Keith Franca, then of the Kiwanis Club and Anselmo Scantlebery, then of the Jaycees Club for assistance, and the "Task Force" was born.

The task force was initially formed to save Carnival in 1984. However they were asked to stay on in 1985 to help coordinate the 15th anniversary celebrations. In 1986 the Task Force disbanded and Carnival was organized from then until 1989 by the St. Maarten Cultural and Festival Committee. In 1990, the then Commissioner of Culture, Valerie Gitterson Pantophlet requested the former Task Force members to return to organize the Carnival celebrations.

This group then became what is known today as the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation.