Cupecoy case suspect M.K.J. admits involvement in the violent deaths & Robbery

Pre-trial detention ordered by judge

On Tuesday 28 year old suspect M.K.J. confessed being involved in the violent deaths of Michael and Thelma King. J. and also admitted to taking part in the robbery at the Happy Star restaurant on September 26 2012.


Wednesday morning J. was led before the judge of instruction. The judge granted the prosecution’s demand for his pre-trial detention for a first term of eight days.

The second suspect, 17 year old J.C. M., will have his custody prolonged by the prosecutor Wednesday. M will be led before the judge of instruction Thursday, who will evaluate the prolongation of the detention.

In the interest of the investigation no further details will be divulged at this time.

Both suspects are under full restrictions. This means that the suspect and the lawyer only are allowed to have contact with one another about this case.