UP:People deserve relief now; The Peoples Patrimony should not be traded for a racetrack & stadium

The Sint Maarten people are looking for economic relief and not waiting for a noisy and ridiculous expensive racetrack and untimely cricket stadium. The NA-led Government’s priorities are all wrong. Wrong priorities, wrong direction, the country is on the wrong track.


We have to look at the entire Sint Maarten community, all the people! If Government has money to build a Cricket Stadium and a Race Track at this point in time, then provide relief for the people.

Serious infringements of proper governance where the Cricket Stadium and Race Track are concerned have come to light. The paperwork was not in place to execute these projects. The UP Faction will be demanding an investigation into this matter and demand disclosure as the people’s patrimony, the protected Northern section of the Great Salt Pond is threaded upon.

The country has a number of sports facilities that need to be upgraded. Why not invest in these facilities which are used by our people? Invest the millions that the Government has found in these facilities and also provide relief for the people and the business community.

The present veil of secrecy surrounding these and other projects is outrageous and unacceptable. Where is the transparency with respect to these projects? What we have seen since the very beginning of a Marlin/Wescot-Williams Government is a new trend of secrecy and concealment.

The UP Faction supports Sports tourism and was bringing overseas professionals to complement local trainers and to use existing sports facilities until the Carnival coup resulted in a change of government. Why not upgrade existing facilities for sports tourism which would benefit local small hotels and other business establishments?

The world economy is still in recession and uncertainty remains. Government’s reserves should remain untouched. Investments should be prioritized. The people want relief. A race track and cricket stadium could be built in another area and at a later time. Why rush these illegal projects as the people suffer?

Government needs to come clean to the people of Sint Maarten. Are funds reserved in the 2013 budget for these two projects? Are the initial costs covered in the 2012 budget, and if so, present the people with a copy of the amendment to the 2012 budget reflecting these two projects?

Wrong priorities, wrong direction, the country is on the wrong track.

Drs. Gracita Arrindell

Member of Parliament, First President of the Parliament of Sint Maarten

Monday, October 01, 2012