Suspect in Cupecoy will be led before the judge Wednesday, Bodies of the victims released to family

Tuesday the bodies of Michael and Thelma King, who became victims of a violent crime last week, were released to their family members. The suspect in this case, 28 year old M.K.J., who was arrested last Sunday morning, will be led before the judge Wednesday.


The prosecutor prolonged the first term of custody (two days) with another eight days. Wednesday the judge will check the lawfulness of the arrest and the prolongation of the custody.

The prosecution discussed the preliminary results from the autopsy with family members. In the interest of the investigation no details can be divulged on the outcome of the autopsy nor the conversation with the family.

Tuesday afternoon the forensic material that was secured on different locations has been discussed amongst prosecutors, the forensic department and a representative of the Dutch Forensic Institute, NFI. The selected items will undergo forensic research at the NFI in order to establish whether relevant evidence or leads have been detected.

Police have been questioning several witnesses today. The suspect has been further interrogated but on advice of counsel chose not to speak at this point.

No information was received on either tip-line so far. The public is called upon to inform the police on any information that could be helpful to the investigation.

For local calls: please call 9300.

For calls from abroad: please call: +1-721-542 0345