Statement by the Prime Minister of St. Maarten,that a suspect has been apprehended in the Cupecoy mu

" I am convinced that like myself, the entire community of St. Maarten hoped and prayed that the perpetrator(s) of last week’s heinous crime would be apprehended and persecuted in the shortest time possible. This was important for our island and its law enforcement, as well as the families of the victims and for law abiding and compassionate people everywhere.

I had not dared hope however, that before the weekend was over, a suspect in this senseless and brutal act would be arrested. That this has indeed happened must be credited to our entire police force and in particular the team that worked on this investigation. As a nation, we are proud and indebted to you.

I am particularly proud by the way that you have acted under the stress which must have been present all during this ordeal. I know your work is far from over, but to hear personally from the family of the victims how professional and compassionate the detectives and police officers have been all along, has given me immense pride in our "men and women in blue".

Thank you!

To the members of our community who in whichever way assisted the police force of St. Maarten, my thanks to you as well.

To the family of the victims, I again express my Government and my deepest condolences. May God grant you and our nation St. Maarten strength during the times ahead. "