Gracita Concludes visit to The Hague, Netherlands

(United Peoples (UP) Party) At the Parliamentary ceremonies (Troonrede) on Tuesday September 18th and the Farewell Parliamentary meeting followed by a reception of Gerdi Verbeet (former President of the Second Chamber), Member of Parliament (MP) Drs Gracita R. Arrindell (UP Faction), met members of the Second Chamber, including Chairlady of the Kingdom Parliamentary Committee, Brigitte van der Burg.


On Friday, MP Arrindell held a courtesy visit with the Vice Chairman of the Council of State Piet Hein-Donner.

Arrindell states: "As an active MP, I will continue to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones with members of the First and Second Chambers as well as with other governmental entities within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including Holland. Especially, in these turbulent political, financial times currently haunting the European Union. Parties in the Netherlands tend to focus more on issues affecting their own constituency, and political survival.

"Since October 2010, we chartered our own Constitutional footprint as a young Nation, compared to the Netherlands with two hundred years of Parliamentary history. We must take advantage of expertise offered and readily available to prepare and further our own causes through for example legislation".