Top Promotions Foundations hosts Talent Competition

PM invited to Submit Artwork

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams was given an invitation to join the second annual art competition hosted by the Top Promotion Foundation for secondary schools and amateur artists.


The Top Promotions Foundation has invited leaders of the community, including people who have never been involved in art before, to enter the competition in order to showcase what latent talents they might have. The assignment for the competition is to draw the first lieutenant Governor of Country St. Maarten Mr. Eugene Holiday. Mr. Brookson asked the Prime Minister if she would be willing to enter the Art Competition in order to showcase her creative talents.

One of the reasons why the art competition is being held is to let people know that they shouldn’t be afraid to showcase their talents and to let especially the youth know that they should not be afraid to demonstrate their artistic abilities.

The Prime Minister commented that the project was extremely worthwhile and interesting. "I wish everyone much success and encourage everyone to participate. I am sure that everyone will come to showcase whatever budding talent that they may have and of course thank you for the invitation. All of the ventures that Top Promotion undertakes on behalf of the community of the public are very positive and I would like to encourage the public to support the foundation," commented the Prime Minister.