Town Hall Meeting For Cul de Sac basin, Little Bay & Cay Hill On Zoning/development plans Tuesday

The Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure (MinVROMI) cancelled Town Hall meeting covering the Cul de Sac basin (South Reward, Ebenezer, St. Peters, Saunders, St. John’s Estate, Mary’s Fancy and environs), Little Bay and Cay Hill, is now scheduled for Tuesday, 18 September.


Residents, stakeholders and interested persons are invited to attend the town hall meeting which will take place at the Belair Community Center, from 7.00pm to 9.30pm. The meeting is part of the process of drafting "development plans" for country Sint Maarten.

The development plan will comprise of a legal framework for possible future development that would take place in the district; to designate and/or reserve land for desired use; to prevent undesired development; and to offer legal security to residents about future development in their district.

This is the first meeting for this area which will allow residents, stakeholders and interested persons of the aforementioned districts to provide their views and ideas with respect to the future development of their districts. The views presented by the public will then be included into the design development plan and re-presented to the community in a follow-up town hall meeting.

The main topics that will be discussed are traffic (roads, other infrastructure), tourism (tourism, recreation), industry (commercial, industrial), residential (housing, public space and facilities), nature (ecology, landscape and water), and culture (cultural heritage, archaeology).

The process to develop the development plans are funded by the Dutch agency USONA to the tune of Naf.2 million.