TelEm Group proud sponsor of Mets Championship Baseball team

St. Maarten Baseball champions, The St. Maarten Mets, take to the baseball field Sunday sporting brand new colors of team sponsor TelEm Group.


The Mets are counting on the company’s blazing red color to continue to put fear in their opponents in the new baseball season, starting with their first game against last season’s #4 team, the Blue Jays.

According to St. Maarten Pony League president, Mr. Gabriel Brown, the Mets team is made up of players who have been together since they played in the Pony League as youngsters, including Milton Peters College (MPC) student Gonzalez, 18, and 19-year-old PJAIE worker, Francisco.

"The Mets have won the adult league championship back to back for two consecutive years. They deserve any assistance they can get to continue to play the game at the highest level," said Mr. Brown.

He said sponsorship by TelEm Group includes a full uniform of cap, jersey and pants, along with a tote-bag and a safety helmet. Balls and bats for future games may also be forthcoming.

"Our sponsorship of The Mets is in keeping with our heightened presence in the community and around St. Maarten, said TelEm Group Lead Customer Service representative Suraj Ramdas.

He said as a good corporate citizen, TelEm Group believes in the promotion of sports and sporting activities as a healthy pursuit for St. Maarten’s youth.

Both he and fellow coordinator on the project, Ms. Angel Richardson, are confident the team will continue with their winning ways and will make the company colors proud.

"We have urged the Mets to win by all means but most off all to have fun and compete in the best spirit of the game," said Angel.

The first pitch of the game – St. Maarten Mets vs the Blue Jays – takes place at the Little League ballfield, Sunday. All baseball fans are invited to turn out and to give their support.