Fire Department & Royal Dutch Marines complete successful training in the event of a hurricane strik

In the aftermath of the fictitious hurricane Joseph the local Fire Department and the Royal Dutch Marines were in a fight against time to save the lives of over eight people.  

After following mandatory evacuation orders due to a flood warning, residents of Cay Hill returned to their homes on Friday to assess their properties after the curfew was lifted.
During the assessment however a roof collapsed causing a minor explosion injuring and trapping two persons.  One bus driver was distracted by the explosion which caused his bus to collide with another vehicle. The bus turned over, injuring four passengers who were then stuck in the bus.
Royal Dutch Marine troops that were patrolling in the area discovered the accidents and notified the Fire Department immediately.
The Royal Dutch Marines assisted local fire fighters and under the guidance of the fire department they were able to help stabilize the incident and rescue victims.
This was the scenario of a huge incident that was staged in a very realistic manner to close off a day of training for the Royal Dutch Marines and the Fire Department.

During the week of Monday 27th to Thursday August 30th the Royal Dutch Marines kept its annual Hurricane Exercise "HurEx" together with several Emergency Response Services that are mainly responsible for disaster relief on Sint Maarten.  On Thursday August 30th the focus was on assisting the Fire Department.
A group of 90 marines were trained in several techniques that are needed while assisting the Fire Department after a hurricane.
These techniques included using a chainsaw, fire extinguishers, safe use of a ladder and stabilizing and cutting a vehicle.
The main focus was on stabilizing a situation, creating a safe work area and putting one’s own safety first. All exercises where performed under the supervision of the Fire Department’s instructors.
The training ended in the afternoon where all the trained skills were needed in a huge exercise with lots of challenges like fire, operating on heights, collapsed building, trapped victims in a building and a bus, multiple accidents simultaneously, an angry crowd and the coordination of the Royal Dutch Marines providing the Fire Department civil assistance.
In case of a disaster like a big storm, assistance from the marines might be needed. Good coordination and cooperation between several disaster relief agencies is always essential. Both the Royal Dutch Marines and the Fire Department look back at a day where they worked together as one team. The Fire Department would like to thank all who helped making the training possible.