Prime Minister Follows Up on WICSU/ PSU Claim Regarding Issuing of Decrees

Claim incorrect according to Department of Personnel Affairs

As a follow-up to the claim by the Windward Islands Civil Servant’s and Public Sector Union regarding the issuing of appointment decrees to former Civil Servants of the Netherlands Antilles, The Prime Minister and her Cabinet contacted the Personnel Affairs Department for an update on the issue.


According to feedback received from the Department of Personnel Affairs the claim made by the WICSU/PSU is incorrect as there was no distinction made between civil servants of the former Island Territory and those of the former Netherlands Antilles.

From the correspondence received from the Personnel Affairs Department all decrees of any specific ministry where out simultaneously, regardless of where the Civil Servant was active prior to 10.10.10. According to the information sent to the Prime Minister the only civil servants that did not receive a placement decree are those who appealed their placement or the placement offer.

The Appeals Committee has started to handle the appeals and have as a target finalization date the 31st of December 2012.

The Prime Minister has commented the she will continue to follow-up regarding the claims made, but that Government is executing the appointments and the appeals expediently and comprehensively.