Second Chamber Elections – each vote counts

On September 12th 2012 the people of the Dutch Caribbean will participate in the election of the members of the Second Chamber for the first time. Since the start of August RCN has started an information campaign to inform eligible voters about the importance of this election and the manner in which they can exercise their right to vote. Also, information is provided about the Second Chamber and the importance of the decision making there, also for the Caribbean Netherlands.


Party programmes

The RCN campaign does not provide information about the various political parties and the party programmes. Residents of the Caribbean Netherlands can obtain this information through the political parties. The parties have websites, on which their party programmes are posted. Also, some parties are campaigning on the islands.

Voting Pass

The public entities are responsible for the distribution of the voting passes and the list of candidates to the voters. If you did not as yet receive the voting pass or list of candidates, contact the Census Office of the Public Entity where you reside.


In August on all three islands a special newsletter with all the information about the Second Chamber elections was distributed house to house.

Each vote counts

It is important that everyone makes use of their right to vote. The right to vote is a democratic right. By voting you can jointly influence the manner in which you are represented in the Second Chamber. A relative small number of votes can make the difference, for example, also in the distribution of residual seats among the parties. Each vote counts, therefore vote on September 12th.