Prime Minister Meets with HIV/ AIDS Steering Committee

Expansion of Education Programs regarding HIV/ AIDS Discussed

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten recently met with the HIV/ AIDS steering committee at her offices in the Government Administration Building.


The HIV/ AIDS Steering Committee, which the Prime Minister chairs, is comprised of the Honorable Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare Cornelius de Weever, Dr. Gerard Van Osch, Suzette Mozes-Burton, Margje Troost and Jorien Wuite.

During the meeting various topics were discussed including new nominations to the Steering Committee and discussions regarding which Ministry the Steering Committee should be placed under. A main topic during the meeting was the mainstreaming and sustainability of the Countries Program against the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic and the development of a Work plan for 2013. Another major topic was the expansion of education programs within the community regarding HIV/ AIDS.

The HIV/ AIDS Steering Group meets bi-monthly in order to strategize governments approach to combating the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic.