Non –Violence, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem Materials donated to M.A.C. Schools

In keeping with its continued mantra of peace in schools, the Peace Is Foundation presented the Methodist Agogic Centre Campuses (St. John’s & Betty’s Estate) with materials that will be used in tackling issues such as non-violence, conflict resolution and self-esteem.


The presentation – made possible by the funds raised at the last "PEACE IS Paradise" breakfast fundraiser (November 11th 2011), was done at the General Assemblies at both campuses respectively on Monday August 20th 2012 by President – Glenville Blake and Vice President – Olga Mussington.

The materials covering the various topics mentioned above are in forms of books, games, DVDs etc for kids from Kindergarten up to Grade 6. These materials will be used for many years and are expected to impact the many children’s lives. "It is very important to teach our children about these issues from early on in their educational development so that they are better able to handle the intense pressure of these issues at the secondary level" Mr. Blake commented.

School Managers, Mrs. Rose Hughes-Coram and Mr. Cedric Hodge of the respective campuses, expressed their gratitude for the materials and lauded the effort of PEACE IS Foundation.