Harbour readies for inclement weather , Wednesday to Thursday.

On Tuesday morning the Harbour was informed that the Allure of the Seas cancelled for Thursday August 23rd.

Shipping agents have also advised the port that cargo ships previously scheduled to arrive Wednesday have committed to come as early as Tuesday night and Wednesday fore day to allow cargo to be offloaded to service their clients.


The harbour is busy taking precautionary measures to ensure all equipment is safe.

Harbour Village tenants have been asked to take care of any loose objects and to be alert for area’s vulnerable for heavy rainfall.

Stevedoring companies are busy securing containers and other equipment away from the seawall as a precautionary measure. The dredge operations have been stopped and equipment is being secured.

The harbor will remain open on Wednesday as long as possible to accommodate seagoing cargo vessels.

Small pleasure craft are urged to seek shelter .

The Simpson bay bridge will maintain opening times of 09:00 / 09:30 -11:00 / 11:30 – 4:30 p.m and 5 :30 p.m. weather permitting. Wind velocity predictions vary so vessels seeking shelter should enter the lagoon as soon as possible. The port authority and bridge operator can be reached on marine VHF Channel 12.