Prime Minister Urges Community to be Prepared as Country Enters Peak Hurricane Season

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams urged the community on Monday to closely monitor the weather systems out in the Atlantic and to be vigilant and prepared as the country is currently entering the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The Prime Minister stated that residents should have all preparations in place in the event of a hurricane and should ensure that livelihood, property and pets are adequately taken care of and preparations are made for both weathering the storm and the possible aftermath.


"As we have been noticing that storm activity has been on the increase in the Atlantic over the last few days, and with the possibility of stormy weather later this week I would like to urge all residents to have all preparations in place as we enter the so-called peak of the Hurricane Season. The various departments of Government have also been issuing information to the public, specifically the Office of Disaster Management, who under the theme "It only takes one" has been urging the public, and specifically the Tourism and Business sectors, to ensure that all preparations for the safe weathering of a storm are in place. Similarly the Section General Public Health of the Ministry of Public health, Social development and Labor, has also been urging residents to remove mosquito-breeding places surrounding their homes and businesses. We want to avoid secondary issues after a storm or a rain event related to mosquito breeding and the possible diseases they may carry," commented the Prime Minister.

As of press time on Monday all eyes are on the Eastern Atlantic where a low-pressure system currently has 80% chance of developing into a tropical system. Forecasted tracks bring the system close to the island on Wednesday/ Thursday. "The People of St. Maarten are no stranger to hurricanes with especially hurricane Louis in 1995 coming to mind. While we are a strong and resilient people preparation and vigilance is of utmost importance," concluded the PM.