SEI Project “Employability through Training” Making Progress!

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor launched the project "Employability through Training," in the latter part of 2011. The project is progressing well and has placed 17 individuals on job training to date. The newly developed communications plan is soon scheduled to kick off in hopes of bringing about more awareness to the general public about the project and the positive outlook for unemployed nationals.


What does this mean?

The ETT Program is geared towards unemployed individuals, in transition, who are attempting to improve their lives by gaining more efficient working skills through practical and theoretical training. The projects’ aim is therefore to offer them work related skills that are essential in obtaining and maintaining employment.

The curriculum consists of courses in the areas of: Hospitality, Marine, Construction, Auto mechanic, IT & Social Skills among others. The slogan, "Training me =A sustainable you" is also incorporated in a unique logo that is scheduled to be unveiled to the public in August.

The project also piqued the interest of corporate Sint Maarten, says Project Leader, Mrs. Nikima Groeneveldt-Hickinson. "Fifteen prominent businesses showed their enthusiasm and interest by signing the partnership agreement offering their establishments as practical training venues". The business community is therefore actively supporting the project as well as the participants.

To ensure continued efficiency, the Ministry has postponed the start of group 2 until September 2012. Supporting provisions for the expected SEI participants are being put in place to safeguard minimal bottlenecks. The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor is urging unemployed nationals of the community of Sint Maarten, who wish to improve their working skills and get a step closer to gainful employment, to sign up at the Labor Affairs Services today.

How to Sign Up?

All individuals interested in being a candidate of the SEI Project "Employability through Training" should visit Labor Affairs and indicate their interest. Once they meet the criteria, the individual will be placed on the SEI Project candidate list, assessed by a job placement officer & a social worker prior to the start of their training.

SEI Project Criteria:

1. Dutch nationals between the ages of (18 – 55)

2. Unskilled/ under skilled, unemployed persons

3. Persons with limited or no education

4. Persons requiring social skill building and requiring a skill in order to gain sustainable employment.

Relevant Documents:

– Copy of Passports or ID

– A valid census registration form

– A police record/ proof that it has been applied for (can be provided by the department)

– CV (help can be given to individuals that do not have one)

– Copy of certificates and/ diplomas (if applicable)


Ministry Public Health, Social Development & Labor

Labor Affairs: Contact information

WJA Nisbeth Road #57

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Tel: (1721)-542-3547/ (1721)-543-7510

Fax: (1721)-542-0141