Traffic Accident with injuries/ Fire arm found

On Wednesday at approximately 09.30 a.m. a police bike patrol was directed to the crossing of Backstreet and Tamarinde Steeg for a traffic accident involving a jeep with license plate L-120 and a yellow and orange colored scooter without any license plate.


On the scene the rider of the scooter with the initials K.L. form Dominica (23) was complaining of severe pain. He was treated on the scene by paramedics and transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center with a possible fractured leg. During the investigation several witnesses to the accident informed the officers that during the collision a fire-arm dropped out of the scooter and fell to the ground. This fire arm, a fully loaded 9 millimeter pistol, was shown to the investigating officers who confiscated the weapon and handed it over the Fire-arm division for further investigation.