United People’s Party’s 2012/2013 New School Year Message

Thousands of our nation’s young and brightest will once again be making their way to school on Monday, August 13 to mark the start of the 2012/2013 New School Year.


The youth today have to be prepared for a very different world. It is much more interconnected than ever before, and in every dimension. For country Sint Maarten to stay relevant in the new developing landscape, more attention has to be placed on intangible factors. We have to develop a special spirit and renewed relationship amongst our youth.

The world of 20-years ago is totally different than the one we have today. Our educational system today has to take the lead in nurturing our students in order for country Sint Maarten to thrive in an innovation-driven future.

For the new school year, students must keep working hard, and never give up on your dreams, remain focus.

To parents, congratulations, as your sons and daughters enter a new school year. Teachers and support staff will once again count on your active support to help your child (ren) throughout the year.

To the teachers and support staff, congratulations! Teaching is a great responsibility, but I know you’re up for the challenge; otherwise you wouldn’t be in this profession of educating future generations.

May the students, parents, teachers, support staff and management have a full-filled year of learning opportunities.

Hon. Theo Heyliger

Leader of the United Peoples party