The Prime Minister’s Message on the opening of the New School Year

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams on Sunday issued her remarks wishing the community of St. Maarten and particularly students, teachers and parents a successful, safe and fruitful school year 2012-2013.


The Prime Minister commented that she hopes students will try their hardest and utmost during the new school year and take advantage of the fact that they are working towards their future as individuals and as persons within the community of St. Maarten. "I would like to encourage students to work and strive towards excellence and realize that the work there are doing during their studies benefits both them as individuals and the community of St. Maarten as a whole."

The Prime Minister also continued by stating that she encourages parents to take an active role in their children’s education. Children need the support from their parents in particular to ensure that they reach their fullest potential as students. I urge all parents to take interest in their child’s studies and to offer them the fullest support necessary. I realize that it is sometimes difficult with work and the situation some households are in, but it is of utmost importance that parents show interest in their children’s schoolwork and offers them the support they need to be excellent and well rounded students."

The Prime Minister also especially mentioned motorists on this first day of the school year. "For almost two months we have had relative peace on our roads but, as with every start of the new school year, we once again will have to find ourselves in traffic as we ensure our children arrive to school safely and that we arrive at our respective jobs safely. I know it can be stressful sometimes to find ourselves in rush-hour traffic, but I urge all motorists on the island to drive safely and responsibly and to exercise patience while in traffic. We all have to ensure that we need to arrive where we need to in the mornings and be being cordial and patient in traffic we will surely do so."

The Prime Minister ended by wishing teachers and students a successful and fruitful new school year. "I wish teachers the strength, courage and patience they need in shaping the minds of our future. I wish students the strength and courage they need in becoming our future. I wish everyone a happy and fruitful new school year."