Police Reports Of Robberies That Occured

On August 8th at around 7 p.m. the police bike patrol arrested a shoplifter who moments before had stolen several items at Penny’s in Backstreet. The suspect was held for questioning.


There were several robberies committed, during the same period namely:
1. Welcome Supermarket on Welfare Road on August 8, at approximately 07.45 p.m.
A masked man with a handgun came into the establishment and forced the cashier to hand over the f money in the register. After committing this act he fled scene in the direction of Union Road.

2. No Rest Agencies in Cole Bay August 8th at approximately 4.00 pm
2 men dressed in black with hoods rushed into the establishment with a shotgun and hand gun.
Everyone was forced to lie on the floor, but the perpetrators did not take anything and when leaving the building struck the owner with the butt of the shotgun to the back of his head, leaving him bleeding from an open wound. The suspects fled the direction of Orange Grove.

3. Yun Way Supermarket on Narrow Rd Cole Bay, August 10 at approximately 7.30 p.m.
Two men dressed in black with hoods over the head came into the establishment armed with a handgun and a machete. They forced the cashier to hand-over the money from the cash register and ill-treated the victim by hitting him to the back of his head with the gun. The suspects then fled the business in the direction of the French border.

4. August 8th at approximately 8. 30 p.m. on the Union Road, Cole Bay a bus driver was robbed by 3 young men who when stepping out of the bus pressed a gun to the back of his head and forced him to hand over all the money.
This suspect was later recognized by the victim, because a little later he was shot at approximately 8.50 p.m. by police during a robbery of a supermarket namely the Blue Fox, supermarket Cay Bay during closing. The police patrol confronted the two suspects who were dressed completely in black and who were armed with a handgun and a machete.
The suspect with initials K.D. 16 years old born on Sint Maarten is well known by police.