Rotary Sunrise Club Receives Presentation on Sports Tourism

Sports Tourism Consultant Project Leader Reggie Plaisir conducted a Sports Tourism Niche Market presentation to Rotary Sunrise Club on Tuesday morning.

Reggie Plaisir was invited by Cookie Bijlani – Fundraising Director and owner of "Om Jewellery Store" on Front Street. Plaisir presented the group with brief details of a Sports Tourism Master Plan and announced to the group that an Executive Board Membership Committee will be formed shortly with major stakeholders in the community as a Non-Profit entity seeking a Public Private Partnership Agreement-Service Level Agreement with the Government of St Maarten Tourism Ministry and Sports Ministry.

Sports Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and Country St Maarten should invest in this sector immediately. Several other Caribbean nations has already invested in Sports Tourism Development and their athletes are now at the Olympics and their destinations are being marketed globally via sports marketing and television broadcasting, Plaisir pointed out.

Country St Maarten can also benefit from Sports Tourism Development with the creation of a new Sports Commission to operate during the months of May to November, the off-season months. This concept would stimulate the economy for all residents on the friendly island.

The theme of the presentation was the new Sports Commission which needs all hands on deck. The Chamber of Commerce President A. Bute will send out a notice to all business stakeholders to attend a general meeting to discuss the details of the Sports Tourism Master Plan and spinoff business opportunities for entrepreneurs on St Maarten, Reggie Plaisir said on Wednesday.