RCN Information Campaign regarding Tweede Kamer elections

On September 12th, 2012, the population of Dutch Caribbean will participate for the first time in the elections of members of the Tweede Kamer.

For these upcoming Tweede Kamer elections the voting rules that were applicable last year in the Island Council elections will also apply. In this context, Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean (RCN) will start an information campaign on Tuesday, August 7th , 2012 on the public bodies regarding the voting rules and the Tweede Kamer.

Various means of communication are used to provide voters with the information needed so they can make use of their voting rights appropriately.

“The Tweede Kamer: also of interest to you” and “You will also vote, right?”, are slogans to motivate the public to participate well informed in the voting process. The information campaign lasts five weeks. During the first four weeks, every week a new message will be emphasized. In week five the previous messages are summarized.

The concept

For this information campaign a concept has been developed in which two citizens engage in dialogue about the elections and about the Tweede Kamer. The two citizens are, among others, a European Dutchman and a Caribbean Dutchman or a younger person and a pensioner. Showing a combination of citizens aims to show that the elections are of interest for every one.

Television and radio programs

On several local stations of the public bodies an infomercial will be shown, in which the island governor of the island in question will answer a series of questions regarding the voting process. In addition, radio programs “Keda informá” will be broadcasted in Bonaire and “Stay informed” in Saba and St. Eustatius. During these radio programs, an expert in polity will elaborate on themes as the Dutch democracy, the functioning of the Tweede Kamer and the formation of the government. This information will help citizens to be better informed when voting for the Tweede Kamer and thus influence the decision process of the Tweede Kamer for the next four years.

Means of communication

Besides the television and radio programs, newspaper ads, television and radio spots, banners, posters and press releases will be employed. The website www.rijksdienstcn.com/tweedekamerverkiezingen2012 provides explanation regarding the voting process and the voting rules. Additionally, on the Dutch website www.verkiezingen2012.nl general information will be available. Furthermore, on all islands a newspaper regarding the elections and voting rules will be provided.

Besides the RCN, the public bodies also will inform the public regarding other aspects of the upcoming Tweede Kamer elections. The public bodies are responsible for the distribution of voting passes and the list of candidates among voters.